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Yes, indeed, every morning when the rooster crowed, it tells of a new day. As my eyes open I thank Elohim for a new day and everything that comes with it to sustain our every breath!

Funny your descriptions on backyard chicken operations that reflect today's society and the mentality within!

Our good friend B & G who moved to Markdale few years back had started raising chicken, began with six, now they have ten. They had bought a chick coop that sit on a pad completed with electrical wiring, so they can remotely control the temperature inside the coop. Well, how they loved their chickens, let me count the ways!

First, a remote camera (baby monitor) was installed, then a speaker and a fan for summer and a heat lamp for winter, with the help of a weather station sensor, they can monitor the temperature inside the coop. The coop is insulated to withstand -20C in the winter. The camera monitors the behaviour of the chickens, the speaker can transmit music to sooth the chickens if they started to fight! (1Corinthians is a favourite!)

Well, we call it a 5 stars hotel for their pets, as well as a money-making operation their daughter can sell those organic eggs for a little allowance!

Our God loves us so much that had prepared a place best than a 5-star hotel.

He is so longing for us to join Him!

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